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"The all-kinds-of-terrific Jillian Louis plays country legend Patsy Cline with the voice of a honkytonk angel.  The grit and grace of her performance hits you like a shot in the heart." -Peter Travers, "Good Morning America," "Rolling Stone" and "People"


“The point is Jillian Louis. And she is a star. The moment she steps on stage she captures our attention and it never wavers. We care about her – totally. She radiates sincerity, vulnerability, humor, spunkiness, a quirky charm, confidence and warmth with a glorious voice.” - Oscar E. Moore, Talk Entertainment

"Jillian Louis is adorable, beautiful, charming and deserves a compliment for every other letter of the alphabet." -Peter Filichia

"Jillian Louis is a sympathetic vocal powerhouse." - Talkin’ Broadway

"Jillian Louis’ title-role performance in Irene remains memorable because of what it made us forget. Louis’ acting was so convincing that when she sang the score’s familiar standards, it was like we’d never heard those songs before." - Backstage

"Louis’ voice has both the power and sweet twang of Cline’s, and her performance serves as an express ticket back in time." Cape Cod Times

"Allow me to single out Ms. Lewis, the understudy for Lindsay Nicole Chambers, shown in the photos here. As is so often the case, Lewis's performance was a standout that once again demonstrates how often understudies, who sometimes never get to go on, are the unsung saviors of live theatre." - Samuel L. Leiter

"Jillian Louis portrayed Sally Bowles, and she was absolutely spectacular. Sally is a complicated character... Louis was incredible at showing Sally’s internal struggle. She had a vibrant stage presence as well, and her voice was beautiful and strong. Though all of songs were wonderful, “Maybe This Time” and “Cabaret” were extra special, because they revealed a lot of emotion and development in her character–and, of course, Louis’s execution was perfect." -BroadwayWorld

"Louis fitted in seamlessly with her estimable castmates, handling with ease the high-wattage...staging of director David Ruttura and choreography of Sarah O’Gleby. It probably helped that Louis is also the company’s dance captain. She brought a distinctive comic flair to the role...A couple of ballads – ‘It’s Over,’ tenderly sung by Duren, and ‘Love Will Find Me,’ with heartfelt belting by Louis – provide the show’s most affecting moments."  -Ron Cohen

"Jillian Louis is destined for stardom. This is a girl who has talent, honesty, vulnerability, charisma and tons of humor that is just waiting to erupt on Broadway."- Talk Entertainment

"Louis has one of those rare voices that fills you up with its beauty." - Riverfront Times

"Louis makes the boldest choices as Diane, and it's quite the inspired comic performance."  -Chicago Tribune


"Jillian Louis as Gloria is a star in the making; she has charisma and talent to spare (and if anyone ever does a musical about the life of Julie Andrews I’d nominate her to star in it). She is terrific." - NY

"Louis has her television counterpart’s vocal cadences and mannerisms down pat, and succeeds in crafting a Diane that is off-putting and snobby and yet loveable and enduring." -Chicago Sun-Times


"Jillian Louis, as the show’s heroine, is exceptional as both an actress and singer."  -

"Daffy and lovely, the warm Jillian Louis is captivating." -

"It’s a very rare thing to see a cabaret debut by a classically trained singer be so simple and dazzling as Jillian Louis’ debut at54 Below"" - Joe Regan, Jr., NY Cabaret Music Review

"Jillian Louis voice and acting skills are impressive and at times, you almost wish this was her show, she is so talented. She brings a grounding and a strength to the piece."  -

"Jarrod Spector, as Joe, and Jillian Louis... show their talents." - NY Times

“’Everything You Longed For’ by the radiant Jillian Louis and Company sends us home on a very high and happy note indeed.” -


"Louis was perhaps cast for her faux operatic turn as Julie Andrews in a dream sequence (her over-enunciation is a comic high point in the show)" -


"Jillian Louis — a superb actress with an astounding voice as well as range of styles."

"As Diane, Jillian Louis has the most lines and most difficult role... Though her facial expressions and gestures occasionally resemble the silliness of Kate McKinnon more than the refined aloofness of Long, she perfectly captures Diane’s essence as a holier-than-thou grad student who still puts herself above her fellow bar employees and patrons even as she spends every moment with them."

."  -

"At the show’s center is Jillian Louis’s utterly sincere Dorothy. Not only does Louis sing beautifully—her bluesy "Over the Rainbow," accompanied by keyboard and guitar, is heartbreaking, unique and unfettered by affectation….Don’t try this at home—it’s a lot harder than it looks, and already done to perfection." - Philadelphia City Paper


"The production is propelled by Jillian Louis’ phenomenal performance as Irene O’Dare… Louis is so dramatically honest in acting her songs that she makes such standards as "Alice Blue Gown," "I’m Always Chasing Rainbows," and "You Made Me Love You" feel like songs we’ve never heard before." - Backstage

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