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I offer virtual one-on-one coaching and group masterclasses for all ages. Kindness, creativity, total non-judgment and respect are of primary importance to me and I promise to always approach your work with reverence, patience, and enthusiasm.

I offer support in:

General Acting

Audition Coaching (Sides, Monologues, Songs)

Vocal Performance/ Acting in Song

Scene/Script Study

For Masterclasses - Q&A, Creative Lifestyle, Mentorship, Business of Acting

Public Speaking for Non-Actors

Please let me know how I can help @ JillianLouis at gmail dot com


"Jillian's inherent joy is radiant.  She spoke about life as a theatre artist in NYC with my university senior theatre majors.  She turned their fears into excitement and nervousness into determination.  Many of the students couldn't stop writing as she listed incredible resources and suggestions for living in NYC.  She was mentioned several times in the end-of-year surveys as a valuable resource for the course.  Jillian's talent and skill are glorious and her kindness and generosity give artists hope and ambition!"  

— C. Robin Marcotte, MFA
Boston Conservatory at Berklee

 “I’ve known Jillian for over almost two decades. In that time, I’ve been fortunate enough to share the stage with her, reap the bountiful benefits found in her singing my words and music, and most importantly watch her inspire my students with grace, compassion and a stockpile of critical knowledge and experience.


Jillian doesn’t talk down to her students, there’s no condescension, just clear passion and commitment to making every student - at every level - discover visible progress toward their individual journey as artists, thinkers, and humans.


Teaching upper school age students is no easy feat, never mind in this digital age. I was astounded not only by Jillian’s willingness to share her truth, she’s always had more heart than anyone in the room, but even more impressive was her specificity, technical aptitude and ability to teach the students where they were at in their journey in that moment; an invaluable gift, so often missing in the studios and classrooms that claim to teach acting, musical theatre and theatre.


Grab Jillian, if you can, for your students. Her spirit, generosity and knowledge are invaluable.”

--Jeremiah Downes, Head of BFA in Musical Theatre at West Virginia University


"Jillian is a joy.  She has been wonderful and open with my students - demystifying what it's like to be a NY actor.  She is kind and generous and insightful. A wonderful actor and great mentor."

--Damon Bonetti, Actor / Director / Teacher / Musician

Co- Founding Artistic Director, The Philadelphia Artists' Collective

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