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Solo Show at 54 Below!!! 


The Agony and the Ecstacy


"It’s a very rare thing to see a cabaret debut by a classically trained singer be so simple and dazzling as Jillian Louis’ debut at54 Below on Aug. 13th. Louis’ act has been written, directed, and produced by Scott Siegel and they have had the great taste to utilize master musician and arranger Ian Herman"


-- Joe Regan, Jr., NY Cabaret Music Review



“The point is Jillian Louis. And she is a star. The moment she steps on stage she captures our attention and it never wavers. We care about her – totally. She radiates sincerity, vulnerability, humor, spunkiness, a quirky charm, confidence and warmth with a glorious voice.”

—Oscar E. Moore, Talk Entertainment


A two-time award winner for Best Actress in a Musical at NYMF, theatre & film actress Jillian Louis makes her 54 Below debut! This is a unique nightclub act all about working in the trenches of live entertainment. It’s a true story–told in song–about how you get in, stay in, manage to eat and have a roof over your head, and sometimes thrive. In short: it’s about the agony and the ecstasy of show business. Jillian will regale audiences with songs both famous and obscure, from theater, country, and pop, and perhaps even a genre or two too beneath the radar to have a name. It’s all about entertainment!  Produced/created by Scott Siegel and accompanied by Ian Herman

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